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Firas Shrourou, Founder & General Manager
  • The Founder
  • Name

    Firas Shrourou
  • Birthday

    January 12, 1971
  • Education

    MBA, PMP
  • Experience

    20+ Years
  • Awards

    Top 50 Tech Innovators in the World
    Qatar's Most Dynamic Entrepreneur

Bosphorus Solutions

Creating better and smarter future.

We chose a name that describes the services and products we provide. Bosphorus bridge runs over the Bosphorus strait and connects Asia to Europe helping millions of people to move daily between two continents easily and safely.
We deliver leading edge solutions with a vision to enable users to easily cross the gab providing our clients and business partners with robust software solutions considering all international quality standards.
Our experience with hundreds of clients, our knowledge across multiple industry domains, and our expertise in the latest development frameworks and tools equip Bosphorus to bring sophistication and intelligence to every project we undertake.


Combination of Skill & Experience


  • Cognitive Sciences

    University of Maine
    2018 - 2020

    The goal of cognitive science is to understand the principles of intelligence with the hope that this will lead to better comprehension.

  • Civil Engineering

    University of Texas
    2016 - 2017

    Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline. It deals with the built environment and can be dated to the first time someone placed a roof.

  • Bachelor of Science

    Univercity of Dhaka
    2012 - 2015

    This project is called a thesis and is usually presented in front of a group of people, including university professors who will evaluate it and let the student..


  • UI/UX Designer

    Envato Market
    2018 - running

    Web Developers are build a website’s core structure using coding languages, while designers are more visually creative and user-focused.

  • Creative Designer

    Bahanno Digital
    2015 - 2017

    Web Developers are build a website’s core structure using coding languages, while designers are more visually creative and user-focused.

Personal Skills

Time Management90%

Software Skills

  • Ms Office

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Figma

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  • Jasmine RMS

    Control Your Restaurant

    Managing and controlling a restaurant business is not an easy task these days. A lot of factors to consider between competition, suppliers, employees, customers, menu, delivery companies and more…

    If you need really to control your restaurant, increase your sales, and reduce your costs then you need to use Jasmine RMS.

    Jasmine RMS gives you all the tools you need to run your hospitality business, whether you have a café, dine-in restaurant, takeaway kiosk or just running a virtual kitchen Jasmine RMS covers all your needs.

    Jasmine RMS modules helps you run the kitchen with kitchen printers or kitchen data screens KDS. It helps you to run your floor with waiter pads and easy to punch pos terminals. It gives you the means to control your cost by managing recipes, suppliers, and inventory.

    Jasmine RMS will send you notifications when an employee voids an item after sending to kitchen, when an order was re-opened or when a receipt was re-printed.

    Jasmine manager mobile app gives you the ability to monitor the performance of all your outlets from the convenience of your mobile phone.

    Jasmine accounting module is the core of Jasmine RMS, it holds the assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses. Its chart of accounts is built especially for the hospitality industry. It’s designed for owners to understand and control their restaurant.

  • Bridge Digital Menu

    The art of digital menu

    Whether you are running a restaurant, cafe, hotel, bar or take away; Bridge Digital Menu can turn your existing standard menu into an interactive digital version. Simply load your printed paper menu onto our platform and Bridge Digital Menu will convert it into an engaging digital format for you

    Bridge Digital Menu is a cloud ready digital restaurant menu solution that allows you to create, manage and deliver your dynamic menu to your customers. With a beautiful & simple interface, it's quicker than ever to keep your menu up-to-date and let your customers browse and order from it whenever they like.

    Bridge Digital Menu gives you many choices to deploy your menu, you can display your menu on a wall mounted smart TV, on a tablet or iPad, on your own website, and even on the customer’s own mobile. You can also share your menu with customers by sending them a link where they can browse your menu on their mobile, laptop and desktop

  • Xpress Station

    Measure Your Success

    Xpress Station is a cloud-based software that helps organization to manage customer satisfaction surveys, customers’ complaints, and customers’ suggestions. It replaces the old fashion complaints boxes that nobody trusts any more with state-of-the-art solution to handle all your customer satisfaction measurement needs.

    Keeping your customers satisfied is not an easy task, you need to listen, act, enhance, train, fix and improve yourself to the level that is expected from your clients.

    In the competitive world that we are living, no customer will stay loyal to your services or products if they feel neglected or ignored.

    Xpress Station gathers your customer feedback through a short, easy to use survey. It measures your success by ranking customers satisfaction with a score, and shows what customers really like about your business.

    Xpress Station converts customers comments into complaints and suggestions, it follow up those complaints inside the organization until reaching a convenient solution to any complain that satisfy the client and protect the organization.

  • GHR

    Built for the Arabian Gulf

    When your company’s revenue comes from labor, you need GHR system to manage your labor forces, to increase your income, and to reduce your running costs.

    Distributing your manpower staff into clients and projects. Managing accommodation camps and rooms. Managing timesheets and attendance. Managing annual leaves and air tickets. Transferring wages to banks for hundreds or thousands of workers. Managing tens of buses’ routs and drivers. Managing sick leaves and work injuries compensations. Managing resignations, terminations, and custody. Managing resident permits, health checks, and passports. Managing warnings and awards. Managing CVs and work visas. Managing visa job titles, payroll job titles, and revenue job titles. Managing all the needed tasks of a growing manpower staff.

    Yes, it can get messy, but not when you are using GHR system, because it was developed in the Arabian gulf for the Arabian gulf companies.

    GHR System manages all your daily HR, Payroll, Attendance, Operations, Transportation, Clients, and Revenue needs in one single system.

  • iClass

    Education with fun

    iClass is platform of children stories that transforms any traditional school classroom into an interactive, exciting, competitive classroom.

    The teacher will play a story to the student that can last from 5 to 15 minutes and then show 5 to 10 questions that summarize and emphasis the meanings of the story. The student in the class will answer the questions by using their on-the-desk tablets within certain amount of time.

    The teacher in the class can then show the results of the voting between the students and ask the students to defend and debate their answers resulting in a healthy, exciting, and fun to learn meanings of life.

    iClass platform has hundreds of stories provided by independent artists and story creators from all around the world. The stories are carefully monitored and approved by a panel of educational experts that gives the final green light to enroll the story in the platform.

    iClass gives the teachers the possibility to run the stories that suits the age criteria of their students, iClass also provide the ability to rate the story or put it in their favorite bookshelf.

    iClass is priced with pay-as-you-go, there are no need for monthly or yearly subscriptions, the school will pay only when the story is played in the classroom.

  • Caring Eagle

    School Bus Attendance

    Caring Eagle is a school bus scheduling and online student attendance software that helps school districts track bus trips and automate morning, afternoon, and evening transportation to/from school. It saves time by providing a fast, easy way to create and schedule routes with the most efficient route, so bus drivers never get lost.

    Caring Eagle mobile app gives the parents the ability to track the school bus during its trip to pick-up the student from home or to drop the student from school. It sends notifications to the parents when the bus is near the home to prepare their child for pickup or prepare themselves for drop off.

    Caring Eagle prevents the student from riding the wrong bus, gives an alarm to the driver or the bus supervisor if the student is going out of the bus at the wrong address or the student is missing his/her drop off location.

    Caring Eagle is the best software companion for school administrators, bus drivers, parents, and students.


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  • The ministry of transportation and communication MOTC of Qatar sponsered a presentation on how to guarantee a long relationship with customers using Xpress Station.

    The event was orgonized by ACC our business partners in Doha, Qatar. Shikha Athba Al Thani, the owner and founder of ACC welcomed the audience though an opening presentation.

    Mr. Firas Shrourou, Bosphorus Solutions founder and general manager, presented the features of Xpress Station system and benifits of having a compalint management system in any organization.

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